A grand expression.

A grand expression. Our client wanted an estate home reminiscent of the castles he grew up with in his native England. The owner tasked us with enveloping his family’s very compartmentalized lifestyle into a structure that gave definition to each aspect of their life while remaining part of the whole. The solution is a home massed as a series of interconnected buildings. Each mass maintaining its own identity while presenting as part of a grander scheme. A main central block complete with its towers, spires and integral gatehouse, is our Donjon or Keep. It houses the family’s main living space and the formal greeting areas.

To it, attached to the East, is the coach house containing the family’s hobbies, an artist’s studio and private car collection, as well as a large informal entertainment room. To the West are the owner’s private apartment, home office and the formal entertaining spaces. As castles were often built over time, in multiple architectural styles, so to have we used a varied architectural language to enforce the differences in the spaces beyond. Arrow slits and iron gates have given way to large open windows and rich beautiful wooden doors.

Stone once selected as defense will now adorn the structure to lighten and enhance the volumes. The home itself is situated on a large heavily wooded lot and the minimum of trees have been removed to facilitate the construction of this house. The remaining trees acting as a barbican protecting the homes bailey from the outside world.